Meet the new war, same as the old war

A snow-covered Saturday.

Dorothy Wickenden went to visit Wendell Berry. It’s been a while since I read Berry and I’m reminded of how much I enjoyed it. Maybe I’ll jump back into the world of Nathan Coulter and Jaber Crow this spring.

Thomas Friedman, who’s been around a few conflicts, writes about Putin’s strategy and how it may play out in a technologically and economically connected world. It’s an updated version of his globalization theory from the late 90’s. He considers a range of contingencies on how modern war is both different and the same as wars of the past. But I think Friedman’s argument that technology and social media could slow the invasion or shame Russia into retreat is overblown. Putin will just shut down the cell networks until he has full control of the message.

Sahil Bloom has a quick primer on SWIFT and the implications of cutting Russia out of it.

Sean Penn is in Ukraine filming a documentary. He’s nuts, for sure, but his life certainly is an adventure.

And the Bugs Bunny Film Festival is back at the Brattle. The Dig has some highlights.

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