Medical and hospital things

It’s Wednesday, April 1st. No one is in the mood.

Telework is not always easy, especially if the infrastructure isn’t in place. Watching TV news anchors broadcast from their dining rooms makes you appreciate the sound engineers who work in the studios. And if you’re participating in a Zoom meeting please wear pants.

Gronk is donating 10,000 N95 masks to Boston Medical Center and a hospital in New Jersey. Not the money to buy masks, but masks themselves. Good for Gronk! But how is it that he can he get masks when the government and well-funded hospitals can’t? And, we’re sending equipment overseas at a time when we have shortages at home? WTF!

The respirator situation is also a mess. Governors are beyond frustrated. This is the kind of scale-up situation that the federal government is supposed to be good at but they’ve allowed it to become every state for themselves.

The Mass legislature is fast tracking a ‘no eviction’ bill that would protect renters and mortgage holders who are having problems making payments because of the virus. It’s a real problem.

Bill Gates has more advice.

And BPD is offering safety tips for delivery drivers. (Let’s hope those aren’t the only tips the drivers are getting.)

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