Maybe, maybe

It’s Friday the 13th. Left handers day. And don’t forget to verify your backups.

Today is the day that President Biden will resign. Kamala Harris too. It will happen sometime this morning. Mike Lindell, the Harold Camping of pillows, made the prediction last month. He’s really been on a roll lately.

The data in these numbers and charts put together by Ryan Huddle and Peter Bailey-Wells might be why Governor Baker is holding back on stricter Covid measures. I hate to say it but Massachusetts is in pretty good shape. We’re highly vaccinated and our case numbers are still pretty low. Things could change. The Delta variant is pretty scary (It has an R0 between 5-9!) and vaccinated people can still get infected and become spreaders. Other states are struggling with high rates of infections which could come our way. And schools are getting ready to open, with masks or no masks for the kids but likely with mandated teacher vaccinations. So fingers crossed – here comes the fall.

Remember when everyone fled New York? New numbers show that the city has actually grown by over 600,000 people. Of course there’s an asterisk.

Originally conceived as a thought experiment, Frank Wilczek‘s time crystals are being put to use in a Google proof of concept for a breakthrough in quantum computing. Strange how these things work out. Wilczek appeared on Sean Carroll’s podcast recently and talked a little about it.

And the Perseids are back. Settle into that lawn chair. It should be a nice warm night for viewing.

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