Almost, possibly, maybe

Friday. Today’s word is galvanize.

There are dark clouds ahead for Democrats according to a new study. Hopefully strategists are taking note. Also, Steve Bullock thinks the party would be better served if they would just get out of the city more.

The Massachusetts federal relief spending plan is (finally) heading to the governor’s desk. The Globe tries to explain how the money will be allocated. I still have questions.

Lawmakers in Washington have averted another government shutdown. An extremely small and temporary victory.

Rachael Rollins‘ confirmation is out of committee. Her prospects look better now but it still may end up in a tie vote in the Senate, which would have to be broken by the vice president.

And Elon Musk believes he’s living in a computer game simulation. It has something to do with Pong. Sometimes you’re the paddle. Sometimes you’re the ball.

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