Market psychology

A Thursday in late January. It’s the 35th anniversary of the Challenger disaster.

Joan Vennochi seems to have some issues with Charlie Baker. She’s right about one thing. Baker, a Republican, understands Democratic voters in Massachusetts way better than most Democratic politicians do.

Watch out, Reddit. William Galvin has the whole GameStop thing on his radar. Is it stock manipulation? Maybe. But it’s not wildly unlike what happens in financial markets and on CNBC everyday. We think that the price of any given stock is governed by market forces like profitability and growth trajectory. But more often than not it just comes down to a group of people deciding something has value. Herd mentality. In the case of GameStop it’s just a different herd.

If you ever have an expensive camera stolen, you can use the metadata from an old photo to see who is using it now. Very clever.

Preliminary results from a randomized, controlled trial showed no benefits to using Hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid-19. In some cases it made things worse. Oklahoma is just now figuring this out.

And the photo accompanying a Globe story on shark attacks was pretty graphic for my morning coffee. They definitely needed a bigger boat.

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