Managing expectations

It’s Sunday and it’s National Cheese Doodle Day.

Italy has been shut down for a month and it’s not ready to reopen.

The US is bracing for a tough week or two in the northeast, and in Michigan and Louisiana. But there’s no reason to believe distancing will be over when this wave slows. Presumably there will be more to follow in the south and in middle America.

Another mixed report on the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine.

I’ve noticed that the StatNews Covid-19 map was consistently redirecting to fake Flash upgrade sites or grammatically poor virus detection scams. (“Your Norton subscription might expired today.“) Watch out for these scams. Hackers never sleep.

Henry Kissinger is still writing op-eds.

Hockey and basketball are done. Baseball is probably a wash. But will there be an NFL season this year? My guess is that, in the absence of a very effective vaccine being widely available by mid-summer, the answer is no. But there’s a range of speculation on the subject.

And Larry David says stay home. Just not his home.

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