Making excuses

Happy Tuesday. Today’s word is fealty.

The Washington Post reports that places with low vaccination rates have higher rates of covid, especially in the rural west and deep south. To quote Gomer Pyle, “surprise, surprise, surprise.”

Rachael Rollins took a shot at EOPS for not moving fast enough on developing a new statewide case tracking system for prosecutors and courts. Or, I should say, a statewide case tracking system – nothing exists currently. Prosecutors mostly use paper folders. In 2021.

The Wall Street Journal asks a good question: As we move more and more from fossil fuels to electric, are we sure that our electric supply infrastructure will hold up?

That FBI sting, where they distributed a anonymous messaging app and then monitored criminal communications over it, led to hundreds of arrests across the globe. But because of the 1st Amendment they couldn’t listen in on American citizens so none of the arrests happened in the US. Also, in Ireland, where there is no restriction on testifying against oneself, police have solved the encrypted device problem by passing a law: Give up your password or go to jail.

And Google Workspace, previously a paid service for business users, is now available to anyone with a Google account. So that’s good news.

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