Making a living

Labor Day. The unofficial end of summer.

The upstarts are unseating the incumbents, who were formally the upstarts. The cycle of life. TikTok.

The Washington Post takes a Labor Day look at the Great Reassessment of Work. People are looking for work but there’s a shortage of workers. How can that be? The devil, as usual, in the details.

The Freedom Phone. It’s an actual thing. If, that is, you’re gullible and have money to throw away.

A new Bluetooth vulnerability, being called Braktooth, could use the protocol to remotely crash devices or, in some extreme cases, allow malicious code to be executed. More details here. Impacted vendors were notified and given 90 days to develop and release patches before the announcement. Some did. Some didn’t. Some say they’re still working on it.

And in Australia, the sharks are winning.

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