Lost in the crowd

Good morning. It’s Thursday, wackadoodle inauguration day.

Universal Hub readers weigh in on what the WSJ has to say about scally caps. It’s pretty much what you would expect.

John Barros is in the race for mayor. He’s a sharp guy but it will be an uphill fight. Jon Satigano is already ahead of him in both money and time. And the more people that get into the race the greater the benefit to Michelle Wu and Andrea Campbell, who both announced early and have greater name recognition. But it is still early in the process, so stay tuned.

Can you legislate cooperation and communication? State Rep. Bruce Ayers wants to find out.

Scientists are increasingly concerned about the variants circulating out there. They fear that, because of the ongoing mutations, vaccinations may not completely stamp out the virus as previously hoped, but that the shots would only make it more manageable to live with, like the flu. Less good but still good.

And in a strangely titled column in the BU Daily Free Press, a writer complains that cop shows are not realistic. I know. Cops have been complaining about this for years. Maybe we need a Barney Miller reboot.

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