Losing the testing wars

Happy Monday. No Marathon and no Sox. But it’s Patriots Day nonetheless.

Keiko Hiromi took some photos around the Boston area documenting life under lockdown.

Testing was an issue in February. It’s almost May and we’re still struggling. That may be an understatement. The Wall Street Journal says the effort is in disarray. This does not instill much confidence in our ability as a country to safely get back to normal anytime soon. Meanwhile, other countries are conducting widespread testing and tracking, allowing them to begin reopening. The president says this is a war but blames the states for the testing problems. States don’t fight wars, countries do.

For a little morning music at home, here are Lady Gaga, Lizzo and Taylor Swift for a series of serenades.

Spring is on hold while we wait just a bit longer for the swan boats.

And The Verge reviewed the new iPad keyboard. It’s good. Expensive and heavy, but good.

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