Long and winding road

Happy Wednesday. And happy December 1st.

There’s no longer a Starbucks in Harvard Square. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good cup of coffee in the neighborhood. And speaking of coffee, the Times looks at how that cup gets you going in the morning. TMI.

The plan to spend Massachusetts’ federal relief money is finally out of committee and is headed for an informal session of the legislature. Let’s see if they can get this done.

Dr. Oz is running for office. This is the best take I’ve seen on it – and that’s just the headline.

James Joyce’s Ulysses, published in 1922, is coming up on a hundred years. Ed Forry talked to Irish Ambassador Dan Mulhall who will be publishing a readers guide to the novel in January. It sounds like it will be something like Asimov’s Guide to Shakespeare, providing cultural and historical context to the text. Here’s the preorder.

And Hersey’s milk chocolate is now just chocolate candy. Life’s little disappointments.

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