Logical consequence

Good Sunday morning. Another beautiful day.

2019 was, among other things, the year of mass killings. And Dave Barry’s year in review, which used to be ‘funny because it’s true’, is now depressing because it’s true.

Cumberland Farms, owned by a large British retail network, is ready to throw its corporate weight behind a 2020 MA ballot question to lift the cap on the number of food stores that can sell alcohol. And if successful, according to David Rabinovitz at The Dig, that could also increase the number of retail stores that can sell marijuana, since the latter is based is a formula of the number of stores selling alcohol.

Magnolia was a great film, one of my all time favorites. But was it really 20 years ago?

Wyze, which sells security cameras and smart home devices, reports it exposed user data for 2.4 million of its customers.

And if this year has left you depressed, watch this short Iranian film. It’s just under two minutes and won an award at the Luxor Film Festival. It will make your day.

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