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Friday. A happy birthday to Benjamin Harrison.

Mike Lindell offered a $5 million dollar reward to anyone who could disprove his wacky theories about the election by using data. One of his own experts has taken him up on it. That $5 mil will buy a lot of pillows.

South Boston roadways are getting an upgrade. The BPDA’s new South Boston Dorchester Avenue Transportation Plan is out. It includes lots of changes and new features, including a ‘peanut rotary’ at Andrew Square. At 180 pages it’s quite a read. Caught in Southie suggest you settle in with a nice glass of wine before digging into it.

More hospitals are being impacted by ransomware attacks. The latest involve Memorial Health Systems, located in Ohio and West Virginia.

Larry David is on a roll down on the Vineyard. First he jumped at the chance to get out of going to the Obama birthday party and now he’s mixing it up on the street with Alan Dershowitz over his cozy relationship with Trump. I”m hoping both of these make it into next season’s Curb.

And, we may get some weather over the weekend.

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