Lip service

Friday. A good day for a piña colada at a bar called O’Malley‘s.

I spent a month there one night: This article offers an interactive look at how our sense of time can become distorted when things are bleak.

When Boston schools open they’ll adopt a 6 foot social distancing standard. This despite overcrowding and a lack of space in existing buildings. Having a good plan that’s unworkable is the same as having a bad plan, or no plan at all.

I downloaded the iOS 14 public beta yesterday but still haven’t explored most new features. Jim Dalrymple did and writes about some of his favorites.

The plan to rebuild the fire-damaged Notre Dame has been finalized. It will be rebuilt as it was, not with a new, modern design. And that billion dollar fund of pledged money from businesses never really materialized so the funding will have to come from other sources.

I initially dismissed the meme going around about individual taxpayers getting only $1200 while non-taxpaying religious organizations got billions in coronavirus aid. That couldn’t be true, could it? Well apparently it is and the Catholic Church was the largest beneficiary.

And a commenter at Universal Hub noticed that a Dorchester street with an odd name was simply a common name spelled backwards. Tebroc = Corbet. There’s also a Corbet Street in Dorchester and it’s near Lorna Road, which intersects with Doone Avenue. And further down Bowdoin is another backward street, Navillus Terrace which, reversed, is Sullivan. Sounds like a drunk night of city planning back in the day.

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