Like a drunken sailor

Saturday. Today’s word is leitmotif.

The northwest has had a bad enough year as it is. And now come the Murder Hornets.

Total government spending this year to date is about $6.1 trillion dollars, with a deficit of $3 trillion. We had 11 consecutive months of deficit spending. Then came the virus. At some point we need to start digging our way out of this hole.

Bill Pennington, writing in the Times, says we, in New England, are past Tom Brady. Probably not yet, I think. But we’re getting there. We’re moving on.

Everyone wishes the president and first lady a quick recovery from Covid. But you have to just shake your head at the arrogant stupidity of this group of Trump family anti-maskers.

And, fortunately, it’s still nice enough outside to do the peace walks. Evan Allen tagged along on one in Dorchester. Too bad they had to suspend the walks for the summer. We needed them more than ever this year.

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