Light at the end of the tunnel

Monday, amiright?

Now, what to do with all that plywood.

The bad news is that we’re going into another wave of the pandemic. The good news is on the vaccine front. There are 11 vaccines in late-stage trials but Pfizer has announced that its vaccine is better than 90% effective with no serious side effects and it could be ready for distribution by the end of the year. The stock market likes that news. I do too.

The most viewed photo in history wasn’t in a magazine or gallery. It was on your computer screen.

Traveling in a pod through a vacuum tube at over 200 miles per hour? A number of companies are pursuing this idea, including Elon Musk. But the Virgin Hyperloop has pulled into the lead with a successful test using human passengers.

And this is the Alex Trebek that I’ll remember. No BS.

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