Light at the end of the tunnel

Monday. This week is in like a lion.

One company, in Taiwan, produces most of the microchips needed to build all of the cars in America. What could possibly go wrong?

Massachusetts is moving into a new phase of reopenings today. Restaurant owners are happy but the governor seems to be at odds with some healthcare leaders interviewed by the Globe, who argue for a slower approach. Other experts interviewed by the New York Times were more optimistic about the coming months.

Universal Hub reports that someone who lives in the Seaport complained to the City of Boston about a loud and obnoxious Lamborghini driver in the neighborhood, asking them to send police to enforce the speeding and noise rules. But there’s only one problem: Boston Police don’t have jurisdiction in that part of Boston. Weird, I know.

First Parler was ‘hacked’ and now Gab has had a huge breach. Tens of gigabytes of user data and private posts have been uploaded to DDoSecrets. Who’s running these sites?

And you may have heard of the Manhattan Beach in California, but in 2023 there will be a beach in Manhattan.

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