License renewal

It’s Friday. I’ll take it. Happy birthday to Andrei Sakharov.

A guy who talks on the radio (apparently that’s still a thing) got in trouble for making fun of a singer whose music I had never heard. Irrelevance squared. But some people are all worked up.

Government licensing can help to drive up wages for blue collar professionals and help insure that the public isn’t subjected to fly by night practitioners. But some economists also think it can thwart competition in the marketplace and perpetuate inequities. There are sound arguments on both sides but I tend to favor the regulators on this one. Governor Baker’s latest overhaul of the state’s licensing operations makes sense.

Yesterday was World Bee Day. In that spirit, here’s Angelina Jolie with bees crawling on her face. Also, a story about honey bees in Rhode Island.

Big news in the world of virtual bicycle training. Zwift has introduced a whole new world! They say the new Makuri Islands world will rival Watopia at some point. Looks great. Can’t wait to try it.

And it may not be summer yet officially, but it might as well be. The Trillium Beer Garden is now open for the season.

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