Let’s get normal for a change

Today is Friday, May 14th. The first vaccine was administered on this day in 1796.

Live Boston rounds up gunplay across the city over the last few days. But check out the photography. There are some amazing shots photos included.

There’s new guidance from the CDC. It’s all good news. We’re still masked in Massachusetts but we’ve taken one huge step in returning to normal: The aisles at Roche Brothers are back to two-way traffic. No more arrows on the floor. Hallelujah!

Another big ransomware attack, this time on the Irish Health Service. Not good.

Some members of Congress are trying to get more money for NASA‘s moon mission. There’s only one problem. NASA says it doesn’t need it.

And a Dogecoin millionaire believes in memes as money. “Memes are the language of the millennials,” he says. As someone a bit older, I’m fascinated by this and by NFT’s, and curious to see how it all plays out in the next several years.

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