Let the grey come through

It’s Tuesday. Cool and cloudy. March is going out like a damp surly lamb.

Government budgets, which need to be submitted by July, are being worked out now. It may be a tough year for the state of Massachusetts, which could see a $3 billion dollar shortfall.

Barber shops and salons are closed. We’re all going to look a bit shaggy when this is over. Maybe I’ll go for the Moe Howard home special.

Boston Police are counting nearly 20 officers now testing positive.

The question of whether to mask or not to mask is still unresolved but the needle is moving in the direction of making and wearing masks. The stats on fatalities in New York are showing some unexpected (and unwelcome) trends. But social distancing seems to be working, at least according to those smart thermometers. And not only for coronavirus but for the regular flu too.

Vint Cerf has tested positive.

And some good news: A guy provided free grocery delivery to help homebound older folks. Wuhan is preparing to reopen. Kids in Brooklyn and around the world are painting rainbows and placing them in windows to cheer us up. And John Krasinski has a whole channel devoted to good news.

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