Let no crisis go to waste

Monday. Big week.

Usually a computer comes with a keyboard. This keyboard comes with a computer.

Restaurant investors are continuing to buy up local chains under stress in the pandemic. First Dunkins, then Legal and now Friendly’s.

The International Space Station is 20 years old today. It was launched in a spirt of international scientific cooperation that hasn’t lasted nearly as long.

If you’re buying books, check out Bookshop.org. It’s a way to support local bookstores. It’s not quite as comprehensive or full featured as Amazon but it’s getting there. And, I think it’s worth the small extra effort to support a good cause.

And taking a dog for a walk when you’re in a hurry can be frustrating. They have to stop to smell every inch of the path. But, says Ellen Furlong, be patient. It’s what dogs love to do.

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