Learning as we go

December 4th. Friday. It’s all good.

Today is the anniversary of a fire in a Swiss nightclub that broke out during a Frank Zappa concert and became the basis for the Deep Purple song, Smoke on the Water. It happened 49 years ago. Boy, that went fast.

Yesterday broke another record for new cases in Massachusetts, surpassing the numbers of infections from last spring. But some things are different this time around as mitigation efforts are taking hold. First, older and more vulnerable people are more cautions and are, presumably, wearing masks and self isolating. As a result, people over 70 are being infected at a lower rate this time, compared to young people. Second, newly developed treatments are helping to keep those who do become infected out of the ICUs. More available beds and less stress on health care workers. All good.

Peter Stevens recalls the years when, for the Irish, Christmas was illegal in Boston. Damm Yankees.

Timing is everything. The Commonwealth Hotel in Kenmore Square has been sold by its owner for a $23 million loss.

And this is a nice story of a very smart dog being reunited with its family.

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