Leadership vacuum

It’s Tuesday, April 14th, the day, in 1912, that the Titanic hit an iceberg.

As a crisis communication tool, the daily press conferences have become completely superfluous and are now veering into the ridiculous.

States, including Massachusetts, are self organizing in the absence of a coherent plan from the federal government to reopen the country. The president said he is going to rely on his instincts when deciding when to restart the economy but based on recent performance I don’t think many governors are confident that that will turn out so well.

The jury is still out on post-infection immunity. Can you get Covid-19 twice? It’s unclear. Are antibody tests reliable? Not really, at least not yet.

911 operators and dispatchers are even more critical these days, working under trying conditions. Telecommunications Week is a good time to honor them.

And, for the many frustrated people trying to file for unemployment, old software may be the culprit. Many states systems are still based on COBOL, a mainframe computer language that Grace Hopper would have been comfortable using.

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