Law and order

It’s a Saturday. Can you dig it? Yes I can.

Over 190 law enforcement leaders just endorsed Joe Biden.

Did David Brooks, who’s usually the voice of calm, conservative reason, just suggest we take to the streets in something more than a peaceful protest to protect our democracy? Not a great sign for election season.

Ty Burr reviewed Charlie Kaufman’s ‘I’m Thinking of Ending Things.’ He liked it. I did too. It’s worth watching and analyzing. But don’t read this until you take the time to do so. Too many spoilers. But then when you’re ready, you can read it to see what the movie is really, possibly, maybe about.

Most people won’t care about this stuff, but if you want to nerd out on all of the possible new features on the coming iPhones, MacRumors has the details. There’s a lot.

And it’s was nice for students to be put up off campus up in luxury hotels. But some Northeastern students didn’t play by the rules and social distance and they’re out. Tuition forfeited. Parents PO’d. Not a happy ending.

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