Known unknowns

A cloudy Sunday. 34 years ago there was a flash in the sky near Chernobyl.

The New York Times travels to the epicenter of the outbreak in Massachusetts.

Antibody testing will be crucial to an economic recovery but we’re only just beginning the process of developing reliable tests. And even then there’s no guarantee that the presence of antibodies is a sign of permanent immunity. There are too many unknowns like these out there preventing us from making realistic predictions about a phased reopening or a second waves of infections. Not knowing is the hardest part. It will take time.

Is it one space after a period, or two? It’s always been one space. There’s no question. But if there was a question, there isn’t now, at least if you use Microsoft Word.

Barry Burbank will be signing off for good after tonight’s 11 o’clock weather report. Scroll down in the story to see what he looked like on his first day at WBZ in 1978. I think we all had that haircut back then. (And if the barber shops don’t open soon I’ll have it again, albeit with a lot more grey. )

And poor Wallace. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry.

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