Known unknowns

It’s another wonderful Wednesday.

There’s a new variant emerging. Of course there is.

There’s no reporting requirement when you test positive with a home test. Public health authorities are bemoaning this, according to a report by the Globe, because it’s harder to track outbreaks and anticipate surges. But isn’t it more important to have easy testing so that infected people can avoid spreading? And as far as tracking goes, the most reliable leading indicator I’ve seen so far seems to be sewage treatment testing.

Companies desperate for workers can’t seem to put their finger on that one thing that would bring them back.

Stories about the Democratic Party losing its connection to working people seems to be an ongoing theme at the New York Times these days. In this article, they interview Ruy Teixeira, who had previously predicted that post-millennium demographic trends would favor the Democrats among the working class. That didn’t happen. What he didn’t anticipate, he says, was that Democrats would tilt “so far to the left on sociocultural issues that it would actually make the Democratic Party significantly unattractive to working-class voters.”

And the Irish fishing industry is punching slightly above their weight by taking on the Russian military. This can’t end well.

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