Killer T-cells

Friday, March 20th. It’s going to be a nice day for a walk outside.

Boston being Boston.

This 8 minute video is a full education on coronavirus, what it is, how it spreads and infects the body, and what we can do to minimize the impact. There’s also a one-page guide for sheltering in place for when that time comes. Massachusetts wants to process at least 3500 samples a day as coronavirus testing ramps up. More men are dying from serious infections than women, at least in Italy. Hospitals are overwhelmed and doctors are dying in Lombardy. And young people everywhere are more susceptible than previously thought.

That tweet from the French health minister warning about the danger of taking ibuprofen with Covid-19? Never-mind. There’s no evidence to support it.

Stonehenge had to cancel its spring equinox rituals this year. The Massachusetts Appeals Court is taking arguments by phone. The NYSE is going virtual.

Google knows whether you are staying at home, like you should, or out partying. And your smart thermometer knows how you’re feeling. I suppose if we had smart faucets we could track hand washing too. And you’re probably spending more quality time with Alexa these days. If she’s getting on your nerves there are a few tweaks you might want to consider.

It wasn’t the best time to expand the dining room, but the owner of Bánh Mì Ba Le restaurant in Dorchester is taking things day by day. There’s always take-out. Maybe I’ll stop by this afternoon to show my support.

And Maria Cramer advises us, on this International Day of Happiness, that if you really want to be happy move to Finland.

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