At arms length

Monday on the move. Just a quick update today.

This return to Britain occurred at a record breaking speed.

On the coronavirus front, Natt Garun writes about the impact on the tech industry and Brian Heater looks at precautions in place at the yearly GSMA show in Barcelona, including a ‘no handshake policy.’ Hopefully there will be lots of disinfectant in the hands-on demo areas. Also, in Hong Kong, there’s a virus-related toilet paper panic.

The Alexa Silver video was funny/true but this effort to build smart speakers for the elderly is a little more serious. It’s a great idea but this particular product seems costly for such a limited feature set.

A circular firing squad. Yup. That’s just what we need at this point.

And Amazon logistics are usually pretty impressive, but when there’s a one-off things can get weird.

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