Keep on keepin’ on

It’s Wednesday and what’s that big yellow ball in the sky?

From one to one million in one hundred days. Just amazing.

At least two more weeks of staying at home, according to governor Baker, who extended his order to at least May 18th. Universal Hub highlights the impact that the virus has had on Massachusetts compared to California, which has five times the population but less cases.

The Cambridge City Council was Zoombombed.

The federal government is printing money but cities and states may have to go begging. In the places without sufficient rainy day reserves it’s likely that jobs will be lost.

Starbucks is reopening for take out this month. At least that’s the plan. No more waiting in 40-car drive through lines, hopefully.

And if you’re looking for comforting children’s bedtime stories in these trying times, stay away from the Russian masters. Here’s the plot of one Tolstoy’s children’s stories, The Bird, as summarized by John Kuhner, “A boy catches a bird in a cage. His mother says he shouldn’t do that. He leaves the door of the cage open. The bird flies out, straight into a glass window, knocking itself out. It suffers for a few days, then dies. The end.” At least there’s a moral. Chekhov’s children stories also have an edge but, not surprisingly, the moral is ambiguous. I can’t imagine what a kid would make of a story like Kashtanka. But for an adult, these are all great reads. Even at bedtime.

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