Jumping into the ring

We’ve rounded the bend into Thursday.

Tom Nichols says it’s time we “take stock of ourselves and our own role in the decline of our democracy.” Who me? It’s a good read.

Adrian Walker reports that the East Boston Brawler, AKA Lydia Edwards, is set to announce a run for the seat being vacated by state Senator Joe Boncore – if Boncore actually does vacate the seat. That part is still up in the air. It would be good to have Edwards in the State House but it would also be a loss for the city. She has been one of the most effective councillors in some time.

Facebook has released a list of its most popular external content. There’s some odd stuff there but little or no politics, which does not compute. Here’s more from Will Oremus in the Post. Ethan Zuckerman also weighs in.

Lawmakers were already drawing up new district lines. Colin Young reports that the more detailed census block data recently made available will also be thrown into the mix for more accuracy.

And if tech nerds ran the world, this is how they would implement public policy. Smart behavior = low friction. Stupid behavior = high friction.

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