It’s all relative

Saturday. It’s Stephen Hawking‘s birthday.

Brother can you spare a dime? Eric Adams is off to a rocky start in New York.

Universal Hub (who but?) informs us about a strange 4th Amendment case out of the MA Appeals Court. It’s an interesting case and a bad decision for many of the reasons pointed out in the comments. If appealed I think it’s likely to be overturned.

Looks like the IRS is wising up to all the financial transactions happening on Venmo and Paypal. A lot of small business activity that has been going on under the radar will now be reportable.

A woman in Woburn received a letter written by her husband while serving in World War II. It was just delivered last month. It’s quite a story, featured in the New York Times, other national papers, and also on a few of the local TV news outlets. (Even though it’s from our own back yard, the Globe missed it or decided it wasn’t impactful enough. (But we did get this.))

And a Democratic love fest for Dick Cheney?!? The world has certainly changed.

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