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Another Monday morning. Here we go again.

Can Bill Belichick have a winning season without a big name quarterback? I guess we’re going to find out.

Cellphone location tracking data, the same information Google uses to calculate driving time, has been analyzed to show, on a map, how and where in the country people are social distancing. Some areas of the south and midwest are lagging behind. Maybe it’s because the number of cases is still low there. Time will tell if whether those areas end up being harder hit by the virus than the areas that hunkered down early. But it’s becoming clear that states that got ahead of the crisis are getting better results.

Police chiefs from around the country, including Bill Brooks of Norwood, had a chance to talk to the president late last week. Chief Carli of Vacaville, California, suggested we “Stop testing NBA players, and start testing our first responders.” Good point. A Boston Police officer has tested positive. And don’t forget the folks working long stressful hours in the 911 call centers. This is a tough time for them.

New York City, which has become an epicenter for the coronavirus, shut down last night at 8 PM. Or at least it PAUSE‘ed. Gothamist breaks down what it means for New Yorkers.

And a loss of smell or taste could be a sign of infection. I hadn’t heard that before but it could be important.

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