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Tuesday. It’s World Hypnotism Day. When I snap my fingers

Congress got a little smarter yesterday. So did YouTube.

John Huey is giving up news for the new year. That might be difficult since he makes his living as a journalist. He’s tired of the toxic stew and people’s expectations for what the news should be. “The news is what happens. Not what you wish had happened,” he writes. Which leads us into the whole issue of ‘resistance journalism.’ What exactly is resistance journalism? Globe readers may be familiar with the concept if not the term. Probably the most concise and neutral definition is that it’s journalism that, to one degree or another, “lacks verification, focuses on narrative, and has a propensity to advocate.” Kind of the opposite of Huey’s definition of news. Joshua Benton parses the controversy in this piece for the Nieman Lab.

Good for Shaq.

The Boston City Council is two hundred years old. New councillors were sworn in yesterday and during the ceremony Mayor Wu noted that for the first one hundred years the council was comprised of all men. Fifty-five of them! Today it’s down to a diverse and reasonable nine district and four at-large councillors.

And does your dog need an Apple Watch? One company thinks so. Beep: time for a walk.

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