In rats’ alley

Another weekend rolls around. It’s Saturday, January 24th. Take a moment today to appreciate a beer can.

The VFW is wanting an apology from the president regarding remarks he made about traumatic brain injuries.

According to the Dorchester Reporter there’s a rat problem in the Polish Triangle. In a meeting with residents a city health inspector told the group that there were billions of them. (That seemed like a lot to me but it might not be an exaggeration.) Next steps appear to involve better managing trash containers and getting landlords in the neighborhood to be more aware of the problem.

Clay Christensen has died. He was a huge influence in business over the last several decades, especially in tech.

This guy could write the book on how not to rob a bank. At least he’s a dog lover.

And Dieter Bohn articulates the concern that many, including me, have with Google’s new search results page.

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