In for the long haul

Tuesday. It was 53 years ago today, Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play.

Which country is responsible for the most metal albums per capita? This is a fascinating visualization. I have questions.

One of the benefits of having a few years under your belt is that you get a little bit of perspective. The Washington Post is reporting that, because of the virus outbreak, people may start leaving New York for good. This is the same New York that, just in my memory, survived bankruptcy, garbage and transit strikes, urban blight, blackouts, crime waves and terror attacks. Not to mention alligators in the sewers. New York will be fine.

Drummer Jimmy Cobb, who played on Kind of Blue, has died.

So what happens when the president steps over the line and seriously violates the terms of service on Twitter? Would they kick him off? Could they? Kara Swisher weighs in. This could get interesting and very messy.

And you know you can’t afford a car when the sunroof option is an extra $20,000 and the sticker price is more than some small jets.

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