If it quacks like a duck

Monday. Welcome to the week.

You know you’re having a bad day when you crash your plane. And then you find yourself on the train tracks. And a train is coming. It’s a reverse Powerball. Nice job by LAPD.

The battle begins and Wu comes out swinging. One of the most vocal leaders among the anti-vax public safety workers in Boston has been suspended from her job with the Boston Police. The reason for the suspension hasn’t been announced and she has had a history with IAD unrelated to vaccinations. But still. Interestingly, as quoted in the Globe, the union that represents her is only offering only begrudging support.

Timberland is going circular. If you have some old boots, they will take them back and recycle them into new boots. Pretty good.

We’re still in the thick of the Omicron surge but it looks like travel to Ireland is opening up a bit.

And how about a Laughing Cow? It’s not just a clever name for a vegan restaurant. It’s a literal thing. Also the laughing rat, laughing mongoose and laughing magpie.

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