I told you so

It’s the last Monday in August. The word is of the day is numinous.

The Taliban wants to go mainstream. They’re shutting down the opium trade to gain international acceptance. But that’s where all the money is. Maybe they should have started with women’s rights.

A long list of virus deniers, anti-vaxers and Faucci mockers have succumbed to covid. It seems like a new one dies every day. Retributive obituaries have now become a thing. I guess there’s a little Nelson Muntz in all of us. But Jay Baruch suggests taking a more compassionate approach. He writes that the “only way out of this pandemic is by supporting one another, shifting the focus from judgements about right and wrong and exploring ideas that ask what degree of discomfort each of us is willing to accept to put the current crisis behind us.” I’m not quite there yet.

Dave Winer has a brilliant idea about spreading the news.

No signal? No problem. Ming-Chi Kuo predicts the new iPhones will be able to fall back to LEO satellite connectivity when terrestrial cell service isn’t available.

And if you’re looking for some spontaneous fluctuations, stifle your rationalist bias and take a walk.

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