How can we miss you if you won’t go away?

Friday. Today, the film Fargo is 25 years old.

If all goes according to plan, July 4th will be one hell of a celebration this year.

Kim Janey is drumming her fingers waiting for Marty Walsh to leave even as senior staff head for the door. Meanwhile, Larry DiCara is worried about the financial state of the city. And he’s right. There’s uncertainty around the post-pandemic economy in Boston and a mayoral change only adds to the uncertainty. The last two administrations, over more than twenty years, have managed the budget very conservatively and it’s in pretty good shape today with most obligations fully funded. Hopefully this will continue.

Squeeze’ Chris Difford has written a memoir of his time as the group’s lyricist. Here are some excerpts.

Baker told the teachers union that a plan for in-school vaccinations, administered by firefighters, is not going to happen. Teachers are getting vaccinated but they have to take the time to schedule a shot and drive to the vaccination site. Sounds reasonable to me. It’s better than what the grocery store workers are getting.

And Kia has a new minivan that will turn heads. Is that John Travolta behind the wheel?

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