Home rule

A subdued Sunday. It could be an interesting football game later this afternoon.

David Brooks wants to spend a ton of money on working class Americans.

Milton Valencia spoke to longtime City Councilor Matt O’Malley about his two city council colleagues running for mayor. “Both have very different but nevertheless effective leadership strategies that they’ve demonstrated in their time on the body,” he told the Globe. A career in diplomacy awaits. Yvonne Abraham goes a bit more out on a limb against Essaibi George by painting her as the ‘Old Boston’ candidate. Who do those townies think they are, right?

Andrew Yang confirms what we all long suspected: only sociopaths run for president.

What’s the latest news from Parcel P-3 across from police headquarters? Adam Gaffin has it. Once again developers are being invited to submit impractical proposals for an unbuildable project.

And no honor among thieves has been updated for the ransomware age.

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