Home is where you make it

Wednesday the 15th of January and the anniversary of the Great Molasses Flood.

Going green is killing birds. At least in one building in Providence.

This is an interesting case: A college kid walking in New York one night in 2018 kicked in a pile of boxes he thought was trash on the sidewalk. But it was actually a constructed cardboard structure built by a homeless man who was sleeping inside. The homeless man was jolted awake and fatally stabbed the kid kicking in his home. He has been charged with murder and is invoking the castle doctrine as a defense.

An academic paper aimed at email spammers. I agree with both the premise and the conclusion. But I have to wonder about the peer review process.

The Verge has a more balanced account of the back and forth between the DOJ and Apple on retrieving info from the Pensacola shooter’s phones and iCloud accounts. Apple continues to be adamant about not providing backdoors, for good reason.

And it doesn’t look like there’s an Impossible McBurger on the horizon anytime soon.

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