Hoist with their own petard

Sunday. The word of the day is flout.

Bank robbers are supposed to wear masks. It’s nice when they wear them correctly.

In 2001, 2005 and 2017, House Democrats tried to block electoral votes from being tallied. Granted, it was a symbolic act of partisan protest, not an actual challenge to the results, but I really wish they hadn’t. House Republicans are now planning to use the same tactic to actually try to alter the results of the election.

It’s been a deadly year. But it’s not just Covid that’s killing us.

Speaking of symbolic acts, remember when Elvis got his polio vaccine shot on the Ed Sullivan Show? No, I don’t either. But celebrities endorsing the idea of getting vaccinated isn’t such a bad idea. Some ex-presidents are showing leadership on the issue. But who speaks to the broad populace better than a celebrity like… Rob Lowe?

And it’s that time again, it’s creepy Santa time.

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