History redux

Today is Wednesday. Downhill to the weekend.

Would reducing the charging time of electric vehicles to less than 5 minutes dramatically open the market for EV’s to be competitive with gas cars? I think it would. Now would be a good time get the grid fixed.

Michelle Wu was sworn in yesterday on the Bible of the Revolution. Right out of the gate there’s much talk about her making history although, really, Kim Janey did that. But Wu could be the first to enact a progressive agenda and take a hard line on contract negotiations with the police unions. Wait, Tom Menino already did all that. Affordable housing? Marty Walsh. So what’s left? Plenty, actually. Wu can make her mark. But first we need to turn down the hype machine and let her get her feet on the ground.

Continuing on with yesterday’s theme of Democrats being in trouble for the midterms, Thomas Edsall doesn’t think the party should be worried. He believes they should be in a state of abject terror.

We were going to be back on the moon by 2024. But it turns out that that aspirational goal was just a tad bit unrealistic.

And the story of the tilting Millennium Tower in San Francisco is a fascinating cautionary tale. An engineer’s nightmare. The moral is, don’t build a skyscraper on shifting clay.

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