Heading up

Saturday. 7/11/20. No free Slurpee this year. 7-Eleven Day has been cancelled.

Scientists have found an enormous cluster of galaxies, just next door, obscured behind the center of our own Milky Way.

Oh, boy. If you haven’t looked at the coronavirus Rt graph lately, you should take a peek. Things are not going in the right direction in the US and some states are in real trouble. Cycle through the least-to-most recent time frames to see the virus spread increasing. Also, check out this Twitter thread. There’s a lot of red in that first chart. And just as we were starting to enjoy loosening restrictions here in Massachusetts.

In Texas, where a second lockdown is under consideration, Governor Greg Abbott told residents that the “worst is yet to come as we work our way through that massive increase in people testing positive.” Abbott had instituted a state-wide mask mandate last week but people are pretty much ignoring it.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch took a closer look at the armed couple who threatened BLM protesters outside their mansion. You probably won’t be surprised at what they do for a living.

And if you’re tired of getting spam called after providing your mobile number for account verification, you can always do what this guy did and turn the annoyance into cash. It’s a few years old but still a brilliant idea.

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