Heading in the right direction

Monday is back again. It’s a birthday for Matt Groening, Chris Farley and Ernest Shackleton.

Go east, old man. The Globe looks at the future of aging. And that future is in Boston.

Daily coronavirus case numbers are dropping. That’s good but not a reliable indicator that we’re out of the woods. “We’ve had three surges,” said former CDC director Tom Frieden. “Whether or not we have a fourth surge is up to us.” But the trend is good and maybe by Labor Day we will be out of the woods. Maybe… maybe.

If there’s one thing that Conrad Akunga has learned, it’s that people don’t read instructions. Remember this article the next time you click OK to accept those cookies.

When traveling, and in a taxi, I always enjoy listening to local radio to get a sense of the place I’m in. Here’s a way to do do that without the travel part.

And Twitter is turning neighbor against neighbor. It’s not over politics this time. This time it’s over birds.

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