Having it both ways

A nice Sunday. Happy Father’s Day.

It’s a sign of a return to normality. MBTA ridership is up and service is expanding. Lyft and Uber runs are also ticking up. Traffic on the roads? It’s back.

During his rally in Tulsa, the president said he instructed his staff to slow down testing so that covid case numbers would come down. So, basically, he was telling an audience of supporters who had to agree to a coronavirus liability release to get into the rally, that the coronavirus was an overblown, fake disease. His handlers said later that he was joking. It’s obvious who that joke was on.

How do police spend their time on the job? The Times looks at a breakdown. It’s not all action, granted. There is a lot of service oriented work but there’s also a considerable amount of basic conflict resolution around everything from legal disputes to quality of life matters to family disputes. Any grand experiment in unbundling should be done thoughtfully, carefully and in tune with public expectations.

Take a hike (says Boston Magazine).

And it might not rise to the level of the Great Molasses Flood but the Oregon blubber blast is certainly a notable occurrence in the dictionary of disasters.

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