Harshing the mellow

A stormy Friday. Neil Young and Tonya Harding share a birthday today.

I love the idea that Taylor Swift is taking control of her catalog. Apparently today is a big day: the re-release of Red.

On a stop for DUI, a driver has a choice. Either take a breathalyzer or lose their license for six months. But for someone suspected of driving under the influence of marijuana there’s no such option. Governor Baker has filed a bill to change that. The Clardy bill, named after a Trooper killed by an impaired driver, would introduce sanctions for drivers who refuse tests for marijuana. There’s only one problem. A reliable test for marijuana impairment doesn’t yet exist. Oh, well. Cart first, horse later.

The shooting on the set of Rust struck a nerve with Emmett Folgert. He has some suggestions for preventing a repeat occurrence.

Could we turn the moon into a habitable planet? First we would need oxygen and, it seems, there’s plenty available. I hope someone pursues this.

And Seoul is thinking of embracing the Metaverse. What could possibly go wrong. (Don’t pick the umbrella!)

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