Hands on the wheel

It’s Wednesday. We’re still looking for that hydrogen bomb we lost on this day in 1958.

How do planes stay in the air? I’ve always reassured myself on rough flights that scientists completely understood the principals behind how the multi-ton piece of metal I was strapped into defied the law of gravity. So this news is a little scary.

BPDNews lays down he law on the new ‘hands-free while driving‘ rules that go into effect on Feb 23rd. Enforcement will be a challenge.

Evan Ackerman highlights a product that stood out from the trade show hype: AR glasses from Bosch that project lasers into your retina. They actually sound pretty amazing.

The Times asks whether Banksy can he be considered a serious artist if most of his work isn’t a on wall in a traditional museum. Do I sense a little art snobbery? Of course! He’s the Rembrandt of our time. And, according to the article, he has some sort of major announcement slated for March.

And one down, 49 to go, for Bloomberg.

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