Hand wringing

A nice Sunday cool-down. The word of the day is advocate. (The verb, not the noun.)

Another union gets behind Markey. He’s added the teachers to his list of endorsements.

U-Mass professors are aghast (not to mention, “shocked, appalled, and astonished”) at police using their empty parking lots for staging. Professor Jeff Melnick, who is “engaged with the relationship that obtains between the “real” and the “representational”,” is especially upset with the symbolism of the situation because U-Mass is “literally in Dorchester,” whatever that means.

Here are mugshots of some of the people trying to turn peaceful protests into riots.

A court has reversed a decision by the Department of the Interior to take land from the Mashpee Wampanoag, which would have threatened the tribe’s sovereignty. This all started with a casino and somehow president Trump is also involved.

The Times looks at the power of police unions and how they often stand in the way of substantive reform.

And WBUR does a Q&A with themselves about retail stores reopening in Massachusetts on Monday. Some pretty good info in there, actually.

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