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Saturday. Another cool cloudy day.

Contact tracing is a lot of work but here’s why it’s important to do.

If a good test for determining who has post-infection immunity becomes widely available then there will be a new class of people documented as being ‘safe’ to interact with. They would be free to move about while the rest of us self-isolate. That raises some potential social and civil rights concerns but in the short term it may be a way to open workplaces and get some people back to work. Italy is having this discussion now.

Two members of the bi-partisan Problem Solver Caucus (that such a thing even exists in these times is a good sign) write about other approaches to reopen the country when the time comes.

The sensational headline isn’t helpful but the content of this article describes an interesting development for an antibody treatment that could potentially block the virus. Testing will take at least until September.

People are happily waiting in long lines at the local Starbucks drive through. I guess it’s more entertaining than sitting on the couch at home. Don’t forget to tip more than usual if you can.

And it’s a first world problem but the coronavirus is making us fat. All that dried pasta stored in the pantry is tasty but hard to work off. And while it’s great to support local restaurants by getting take-out, all those burgers and pizzas are not good for the waistline.

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