Hack attack

Friday. Ahhh.

10 bitcoin to pay for a dinner party probably seemed like a good deal in 2013. Today the bill is $200 grand.

Politico reports that Russian hackers apparently breached the National Nuclear Security Administration networks. That’s not good. The Wall Street Journal looks at the scope and methods used in the broader attack. And the president of Microsoft warns that, “The attack unfortunately represents a broad and successful espionage-based assault on both the confidential information of the U.S. Government and the tech tools used by firms to protect them. The attack is ongoing[…]”. The damage done will be very hard to undo. With the country on its heels politically, the timing of this attack is also concerning.

Different Massachusetts towns, different rules. That’s OK for most things but for Covid it doesn’t make sense. Especially as more towns are at high risk. At least we’re in better shape than California.

And PC World used to be a major tech publication. Today they try to review a $1500 dollar laptop that they couldn’t afford to buy.

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